Pipeline welding/pipe fusion

We are one of the leading pipe fusion companies in Europe. Apart from pipes we take on any type of thermoplastic welding assignment. Our main clients are large contracting companies, industrial companies and municipals.

With our brand new McELROY Talon 2000, we offer the complete range in butt fusion of HDPE pipes up to Ø2000 mm, with our own equipment and certified personnel. The Talon 2000 is suitable for pipes ranging from 1400 to 2000 mm in diameter. The welding machine is, apart from welding marine pipelines, excellent for welding land based HDPE pipes. The Talon 2000 runs on crawlers and can easily be moved along a long stretch of pipes. Every weld joint is data logged for easy follow-up, documentation and quality control. The Talon 2000 is the first of its kind and increases welding efficiency with up to 30% compared to other welding equipment available on the world market. For pipe fusion in real harsh conditions OPD is using the McElroy Quick Camp range of equipment, including Mega Polyhorse. The Quick Camp is a container based “plug and play” work station where all welding is done inside. So no matter the outside conditions, the welding operation will be performed under great conditions.

What type of welding are we certified for?

We are certified for butt fusion, electro socket and extruder welding. Our certificates are also valid for the welding of gas pipes. We have all necessary welding equipment for pipe welding up to Ø 2000mm in store and we have access to equipment for larger diameters if needed.

How are the welds documented

Each weld joint is documented either manually or digitally through a weld log system.

What type of thermoplastics can we handle?

Our welders are certified for for HDPE, LDPE, PP, PVDF, PVC and ABS. Thermoplastics are easily welded and the weld reaches a strength similar or even stronger than the original material.