Pipeline installation

All pipelines, both marine and onshore are carefully designed and planned taking into consideration both installation and maintenance. Drawings are produced in Solid Works, Auto-Cad, Inventor or Fladermaus. Every aspect of work is carefully evaluated in designing and planning a new pipeline. The choice of pipe quality is essential in order to adapt the pipeline to the surrounding environment and meet the life-time requirements to optimize both quality and cost efficiency.

The OPD way sets the standard

The OPD project management method is developed based on years of knowledge, experience and custom made solutions/products. It contains all assumptions and calculations, risk analysis plus adopted rules of configurations shown and described. Detailed job descriptions are made for each part of the project. Every detail is evaluated and taken into consideration. In international projects, the OPD project management method is described in a concentrated project method statement.

Environmental concern is key

The environment plays a central part in everything we do. Our experts offer specialist competence in 
a great variety of environmental issues. Working close together with construction and production 
allows our environmental engineers to come up with problem solutions that are not only in line with the environment, but also practical and more cost efficient for our clients. We call it down-to-earth environmental concern.