Gothenburg Southern Archipellago wastewater, Sweden

The new 20 km wastewater pipeline is a long term solution of the wastewater problem in the Gothenburg Southern Archipellago. The new pipeline will reduce the municipals total need for sewage owerflow by approximately 25%. Good for the environment, great for the inhabitants.

The HDPE pipeline have been butt fusioned and launched in 500 m lengths from Fiskebäck at the mainland. The 500 m pipe lengths have been weighted with concrete weights, towed into position, sunk and connected with butt fusion at sea. 9 km of the pipeline have been installed in subsea trenches. OPD have also been responsible for the onshore connections on the islands and on the mainland.

Facts and figures

  • 20 km PE100 SDR11, Ø250 – Ø 500
  • Down to 24 m depth
  • Onshore connections
  • Pipe crossings
  • Waterway control
  • 9 km trenching in water
  • 4 dredgers
  • 3 McElroy butt fusion machines