Pil og Stangodden VA (PSVA), Norway

The archipellago in “Bamble kommune Norway” is a place of great beauty. So it was really a challenge to install water and sewage to the 200 houses and summer houses in the area. OPD used almost 50 000 m HDPE pipes to solve the project challenge. 90 pumpstations where installed.
16 000 m trenches where digged, more than 4 000 m by hand, just to preserve the sensitive environment. Pipestreches in shallow trenches was secured with anti-frost cables. Directional drilling was used to reach many of the houses.
Great effort was put on preserving the environment and leaving the area as “untouched” as possible. This takes planning, experience and a lot of environmental awareness of all workers on site. This is the OPD Onshore way of working.

  • 6000 m marine pipes
  • 43000 m onshore pipes
  • Varying diameters SD11, PE100
  • 200 houses
  • Year 2011