Onshore systems

Fresh water and sewage pressure systems for smaller communities and recreational housing areas in sensitive environments.

The onshore systems are developed by OPD and include all necessary piping details, chambers and pump stations. The onshore systems are designed to meet the latest EU regulations for efficient and hygienic handling of fresh water, drainage and sewage.

The OPD pressure sewage method
Pressure sewage is an efficient method to handle waste water in rough and sensitive terrain where it’s hard or even impossible to install gravity pipe systems. Every user have a small pump with a drain mill. The wastewater is pumped through a pressure pipe to the recipient station. The pipe dimensions can be kept quite small. The pipes are isolated and can be equipped with a non-frost heating cable. The pipes are installed in shallow trenches, an environmentally friendly and cost efficient installation method. When the installation is finished, you can’t even trace that we have been there.

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