Containment booms

Based on Agility Contracting's design OPD supply PE-pipes to Containment Booms. Containment booms are temporary floating barriers used to contain oil spill and other containments in the water.

Booms are used to reduce spreading of spills, to protect shorelines and other resources, and to help make recovery easier. Booms help to concentrate the spill in thicker surface layers so that skimmers, vacuums, or other collection methods can be used more effectively. The design of a containment boom is always based on the on-site conditions.

Booms used in oil spills rest on the surface of the water, but they can have up to 1.5 meter of material that hangs beneath the surface. Most standard booms work best in in calm water, but as wave height increases oil or other contaminants can easily wash over the top of a standard boom. Agility Contracting AS has the experience and the expertise to recommend and install the best working solution depending on waves, currents and the amount of containments in each case.