Marine contracting

Design, construction and maintenance of marine infrastructure, marine service and subsea inspections.

OPD offer technical competence, project management and production resources in design, construction and maintenance of marine installations such as piers, docks, hydroelectric power plants, pipelines, cables etc. We also provide services in dredging and underwater inspections, ROV services, sea bed mapping, in-water surveys (IWS), marine ecology consultancy, analyses, examination of bottom structures etc.

Project management that makes a difference

Any marine infrastructure project requires careful planning and preparation. Every aspect must be analysed and planned. This is where our professionalism makes a difference. By using the correct and most efficient methods, we value all aspects of the most demanding project. We make necessary corrections and additions. And we assure the quality of the project through systemized follow up and control.

We handle environmental sensitive areas

The environment is central in every-thing we do. Our experts offer specialist competence in a great variety of environmental issues. Working close together with construction and production allows us to come up with problem solutions that are not only in line with the environment, but also practical and more cost efficient for our clients. We call it down-to-earth environmental concern.

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