Closed fish farm system in HDPE for Lerøy Vest

Preline Fishfarming Systems AS and OPD have designed and manufactured the biggest HDPE construction so far...

The fish farm system is based on a tank made of extruder welded white HDPE sheets and supported by HDPE pipes.

  • The system is designed by Preline Fishfarming Systems AS
  • The new system is 55 meter long with a volume of 2000m3 and will accommodate 100-200.000,- salmon of up to 1kg size.
  • The construction is made of polyethylene built by OPD Group and is probably the biggest HDPE construction ever built.
  • The design furthermore includes several benefits for environmental and quality improvement of salmon farming like a waste water handling system, intake of fresh clean water from 30m with constant low temperature as well as keeping salmon swimming against a constant water current.