Marine Donut – a new technology for closed fish farming

Marine Harvest are planning to build “the world's biggest donut”, for farming salmon on the Helgeland coast in Norway. A fish farming technology designed and developed by OPD.

Marine Harvest has applied for eight development licenses for test and development of a new type of closed fish farming technology created by OPD. “Marine Donut” is a fully covered and escape proof construction, shaped like a donut. The company will use “Marine Donut” to produce fish from 3 kg to slaughter – the production period where the fish normally is most susceptible to lice.
– This is a brand new and very exciting technology. With this concept, Marine Harvest shows that we really want to develop the way we produce salmon. Our goal is to make healthy and tasty food on a more sustainable and cost effective manner, comments CEO of Marine Harvest, Alf-Helge Aarskog.
The company hopes to begin construction of the “donut” this fall and plan to start fish farming operation in autumn 2017.
– “Marine Donut” responds to challenges the industry faces today. The closed unit means that we have complete control of the salmon’s environment. We can keep the salmon completely free of lice and can collect the nutritious feces. We are confident that the innovative donut shape will contribute to good fish health and quality, says CEO ØPD, Nils Johan Tufte.

“Marine Donut” is developed for the Norwegian Fjords but can also be placed in other even more exposed areas. This opens up new possibilities for fish farming in many areas around the world.