Flesland Airport Bergen, road barriers

Polypig roadbarriers - the functional and easy-to-handle barriers between serviceable and no serviceable areas at Flesland airport, Bergen.

There is a requirement for using barrier material for the delimitation of unserviceable airport areas, cf. requirements in BSL E 4-2, made ​​visible on the checklist for onsite service activities. Which equipment to be used? There was room for different choices and the airport therefore experienced many bad solutions. It is important for the airport that there is a common understanding of what equipment is sufficient and appropriate to use. The choice of barrier material must be based on a risk analysis for the activity that triggers the need for delimitation.

Bergen Airport has for many years conducted development and maintenance activities on the operations side which has required the delimitation of unserviceable areas. Experiences have triggered the need to develop a local procedure which states the selection of equipment and methodology. It’s considered important that the operational staff prepares and approves delimitation plans that fulfills the local safety requirements.



The use of Polypig elements for delimitation has given the airport a functional and great tool to seal off unserviceable areas. Bergen airport have, together with OPD developed and produced a specially designed Polypig element for use at airports. This Polypig is designed to fulfill a number of requirements including requirements in BSL E 4-2 for barrier equipment.

  • Each barrier weighs just 80 kg and can easily be moved during assembly or disassembly.
  • The barriers are dyed red or white.- Equipped with pallet fork pockets
  • The barriers can be filled with water, concrete, sand, etc.
  • Water can easily be drained.- Can be equipped with reflexes
  • Snaps together with locking pin
  • The Polypig is prepared for installation of fence