OPD AS policy

OPD AS is a marine contractor offering marine construction and diving services and the development and manufacture of HDPE products (polyethylene). Offshore pipelines for water, wastewater, district cooling and heating and cables for electricity are some of our strongest areas of expertise. Our ambition is to be the leading and most attractive partner in the business. We will achieve this by living our core values ​​and our quality and environmental obligations.

Our core values: Responsibility, creativity and satisfaction
In OPD we have a responsible approach. We take responsibility for our recourses, for our deliveries to customers and last but not least for the environment. Anyone who takes responsibility gets more space to be creative and this creates job satisfaction. Creativity and job satisfaction becomes a natural part of the work environment.

Our quality and environmental obligations

By being well prepared we ensure the proper execution from the start, meet customer expectations and current quality and environmental requirements.
We will contribute to sustainable development. We achieve this by creating environmentally friendly products and solutions, follow applicable laws and regulations, and continually work to reduce our overall environmental footprint.
We will continuously improve our work. We do this by listening to our customers, maintain and develop our employees’ skills and investing in strategic equipment.

Practical adherence to our core values ​​and commitments is a shared responsibility of all employees. We will involve and engage our employees by clear, communicated and measurable goals for quality and safety.