About OPD

Can't resist the challenge.

OPD specializes in (I) the installation of submarine polyethylene (HDPE) pipelines, primarily for marine infrastructure projects, (II) the installation of onshore HDPE pipes, and (III) using its HDPE expertize to develop innovative solutions to real world challenges.

OPD covers Scandinavia and beyond. Our head office is in Stathelle about 2 hours south west of Oslo in Norway. From our office in Bodø, northern Norway we offer service to the northern part of the Scandinavian market. Our Swedish and international operation base is in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. We also have an agent in Denmark and a trade office with an agent in the USA.

Our business concept is to offer clients complete solutions in marine infrastructure with high emphasis on water-, wastewater- and gas transportation, the power industry, underwater services and custom made solutions in HDPE. This is achieved through high competence, strong corporate culture, specialized equipment and extensive collective experience.

We are proud of our heritage

OPD Group AS was established in 2006 but our history goes back as far as 1955 and Brødrene Sørensen AS, followed by Østlandet Plast og Dykkservice (OPD). OPD Group is the leading marine contractor and HDPE expert in Scandinavia. We are today established in Norway, Denmark, Sweden and USA. In 2013 OPD strengthened the Scandinavian market position by acquiring the oldest commercial diving company in Sweden – Göteborgs Dykeriteknik AB.

Our core values are:

We respect our colleagues, clients and partners. We believe in responsible management of our resources. We handle the environment and our cultural heritage with care.

We add value to our customers by finding the best possible solutions in every assignment.

We operate with a high feel-good factor. This is essential in order to create long lasting relations with clients, partners and staff.

We operate according to our company policy

OPD’s operations policy states that OPD will work for long-term sustainable development. The operations policy expresses the company’s focus and is therefore an important document for how we should act in our daily work. Contributing to sustainable development means that we shall act in a way that “meets today’s needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs1”. In other words: “We must assume that we have borrowed the Earth from future generations, not inherited it from our forefathers”. Sustainable development is a complex concept and is not just about a good environment, but emerges in the interplay between interdependent components – ecological, economic and social sustainability. It could for example mean that economic growth may not take place at the expense of an unequal society and a degraded environment.

Overall objective 1: “Reduce the company’s climate impact”
Overall objective 2: “Reduce environmental and work environment load from chemicals”
Overall objective 3: “Reduce the amount of unsorted waste from fixed workplaces”