The priceless water. Our most important natural resource

The water covers more than 70% of the surface of the earth. Only 3 % is fresh water and 77% of the fresh water is frozen. Approximately 17% of the world’s population lack access to fresh water. It represents more than a billion people. In 2010, UN General Assembly recognized the access to fresh water and good sanitation as a human right. It’s a challenge and OPD loves challenges.

EU water directive
The EU water directive (2000/60/EF) sets the framework for water management. It’s integrated in the E0S agreement which makes it a true European regulation. The directive covers all fresh water plus the coastal area water, one nautical mile from shore. It states that in the near future all water must be in a proper chemical and ecological state. As a result, most coastal communities and housing areas have to analyse and take appropriate action to meet the new European directive before 2021.

Take care of the water
In the old days many people used to discharge wastewater directly into lakes, streams and the surrounding nature. As a matter of fact it’s quite common today, even though it’s illegal and immoral. OPD are experts on water distribution and have developed a smart system for fresh water access and waste water distribution even in sensitive coastal areas. Most of the times you can’t even see the traces of us working there, except for the clean drinking water and the efficient waste water handling. We have several good references in Norway, all of them fulfilling the new EU Water Directive.